A Cluster Genealogy of the Callan families of County Louth, IRE from the 19th century.   

CALLAN is anglicized for the Gaelic O'Cathalain.  The prefix "O"  notes "grandson of" or "descendant" and the word "cathgal" means "battle mighty".  Ethymologically the same as Catalane (also O'Cathalain). Callan is a distinct sept name.  The surname Callan is associated with Louth and Monaghan Counties the ancestor of the sept is said to be Cathalan, King of Farney, who was slain in 1028.

callan ancestors The members of the Callan families are listed individually by first name, alphabetically, and in chronological order. 
Callan family treesBiographical information is not included in the family trees, just relationship between members of that specific Callan family.  
callan wills and obitsCopies of wills and obituaries that note the source of the information.
help find mick callan's momMichael Joseph Callan was born

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