Oyster Harbors

Oyster Harbors is a special community on Grand Island facing Cotuit Bay, politically part of the Barnstable village of Osterville.

In 1658 Oyster Island was reserved to the Indians, but after a expensive law suit the natives were forced to sell to the Lovell family in 1737. The island was uninhabited for two centuries, used only for salt works and pasture.

Capt. Kidd is supposed to have buried treasure at Noisy Point, guarded by the witch Hannah Screecham, but this is legendary.

The first permanent house was built in 1904 as a hunting lodge for Harvard Prof. William Channing , winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his American history.  This was followed by informal summer houses of Boston families.  In 1925 Olmsted Brothers laid out a development around a golf course designed by Ross.  Grand Island's name was changed to Oyster Harbors.

The oldest house on the island, the Nymphas Marston house of about 1680 was actually moved there from the mainland.

Among the noted residents have been the pioneer aviator Felix duPont who built the first hangar on Cape Cod here, noted art collectors Paul Mellon and Rev. Pitcairn, and the winner of America's Cup Bill Koch, and many CEOs.

The oldest houses have been recorded on the National Register of Historical Places.  Information on history and residents is available by contacting JWGould

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