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42 Historical Papers have been published on subjects ranging from fire department, cranberry business, stores, sea captains, writers, salt making, the church, the grist mill, yacht club, schools, the Portuguese, rum-running, baseball, World War II, Camp Candoit, inns and specific areas like Santuit and Little River.  

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    "For Golden Friends I had: An account of a lifelong love affair with the Village of Cotuit" 
By: Leonard Peck,  Osterville: Barnstable Book Co., 2000.                $25.00  

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Author(s): James W. Gould, Jessica Rapp Grassetti

ISBN: 0738511552
Price: $19.99
# of Pages: 128


Paired with Santuit on the south shore of Cape Cod and warmed by the Gulf Stream, Cotuit has long been a favorite summer resort and was home to Cape Cod's first hotel. This quiet and unspoiled New England setting was once a refuge for pirates, deepwater sailors, and coastal traders. Cotuit and Santuit shares the area's unique history withy readers, including such notable memories as"


A look at Victorian-era vacation homes.


Views of festivals, including the holy Ghost Festival.


Environmental pioneers Otis Barton and Stanley Cobb.


Camp Candoit, which trained three WWII units that stormed Pacific beaches.


Images of seafaring and shipbuilding.

About the Authors

James W. Gould, professor emeritus of history and international relations, how has published books on maritime history since 1956, and Jessica Rapp Grassetti, a historic preservation expert who has an intimate knowledge of the photographs in this collection, share their love of local history with this publication.  Both have been leaders of the historical Society of Santuit and Cotuit, an organization that has been preserving local history since 1954.  The society maintains an early 19th-century homestead and museum, which includes a vintage fire engine, gift shop, and archives.

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Historic Josiah Sampson House B&B and The Cahoon Museum of American Art.



We have recorded for the National Register over 200 historic buildings in Cotuit and Newtown, including all structures built before 1940.  If you know name of an occupant or street address, we can supply the history of the house and its importance.  Give as much detail about location as possible so we can identify it.  Inquire as to the specific cost.


Mosswood Cemetery was opened in 1819 when Azubah Handy was buried here.  Before that some Cotuit bodies were buried in Marstons Mills, though most are in unmarked family plots.  Send us full name and approximate date, and we can give you inscription and/or dates and locations.   Inquire as to the specific cost.


Samuel Dottridge came to Cotuit in 1808 from London, having married into an old Cape Cod family in Brewster.  All descendants with full biographies are published in "Dottridge Family of Cape Cod", available for $15, including postage. 
Make check payable to:
Cotuit Historical Society  be sure to include your postal address.  

Mail to: JWGould, P.O.Box 161, Cotuit, MA 02635

PORTUGUESE FAMILIES: Genealogies of all Santuit and Newtown families from the Portuguese islands of the Azores are available for cost of postage if you send mailing address to:  JWGould 


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